Do I know what I’m doing? No.
Am I prepared? Life will verify.
Will I make it? We will see. I won’t know unless I try.

I am an architect. Or I used to be – until now. I will definitely come back to this because it is an amazing job. Very hard. But probably I would never change it for anything else. However, I will stop it for some time. I am not leaving, nor giving up. I’m just going to do something different now. Something I have never done on such a scale before.

I will be hiking. And during this journey I will get to know other people and myself. I will enjoy the breathtaking views, but also struggle with the elements, fatigue, doubts and everything that I have in my head. And this fight is sometimes very difficult.

– Piotr

Do I know what I’m doing? Yes – I am fighting for myself.
Am I prepared? Physically – not. Gear-wise – maybe. Mentally – yes.  
Will I make it? I do not consider another option.

Like Piotr, I am an architect. My profession absorbs all the leftovers of my free time. My almost boundless commitment, ambition and workaholism led me to the point where I realized that I had not been on vacation for several years. Now I’m taking some time off from life in the Tri-City and flying to the other side of the globe. I’ve put my world upside down. I swapped my work for free time, a crowded city for the endlessness of nature, an apartment for a tent, a wardrobe for a few necessary clothes, a warm shower for a swim in the river, and a car for two pairs of comfortable shoes. Now I will be hiking across New Zealand.

 – Michał